Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to turn a muslin into a sling

This muslin blanket is an Aden+Anais. If you know about this type of breathable, over size, light weight blanket, you will know it serves as many purposes. It can drape over carseats and strollers as a shade, moms use them as burp rags, they are also what is deemed to be a 'safe' blanket, in bed with babies. As a mom of 3 I have recently discovered that it can also be used as a sling when you're in a pinch. Here's how......

Open muslin completely and bring the right bottom corner to the left top corner.

Taking both ends to that newly made left corner...

And fold it in toward center.

Gather you top and bottom ends and make a knot. ( knot will be tighter depending on size of baby)

When held should look like a mini pouch ;)


Place makeshift sling on, and go find child!

Stuff baby in and tighten or loosen knot as desired.


  1. I am going to try this!! We are heading to Cuba for a couple of weeks next month and feel this will be a cooler alternative to the snugli and poly ring sling. Thanks!

  2. I think your pics are broken. I can't see them :(

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