Friday, September 30, 2011

Journey to a VBAC

In preparation for my VBAC, i began by finding support, & since that was scarce, i found it online. ICAN, The unnecesarean , Birth Faith, & Beautiful Birth. Then we hired a wonderful doula, made a birth CD and a short birth plan. I met our doula and instantly knew i had to have her. HAHAHAH. after chatting for a bit we set up a date to met and talk business. She spoke about all she offered, from massage, to position help. to over all support during labor. What could be better than that? husband, check!, doula, check! birth CD with some awesome songs on it, check! pack enough cloth diapers and an outfit or 2 for me, and it was on. Just had to wait for labor to start.

July 10th i woke at 5:45am with what i could only explain as a horrible rolling inward contraction that damn near froze me. The night before (at midnight to be exact) i had taken a nice walk, and during the day had walked the mall for hrs! Safe to assume all the walking helped trigger labor, similar to the labor of Evelyn. Since i was GBS+ at the time of delivery i was set to have a hep block put in & hooked to I.V antibiotics every 4 hrs. In my birth plan, that i kept short and sweet, i opted to have a delayed cord clamping, and for her not to be removed from my room, as well as no antibiotics, nor hepB. I also walked into this birth very open minded and wanting it to be as intervention free, so i originally opted out of ALL drugs.

When woken up by the pain, i immediately rolled my way to the bathroom where i had a bloody show. i knew today was going to be the day & that labor was creeping its way on in. I tried to lay back down, but it didnt work, 20mn later the next contraction came sweeping in. I climbed into the shower at 7:12 am and called my doula who was about 40mn away, by then my contractions were 10mn apart and by 8:30 AM we were on our way to the hospital.
 Pacing the floor at home
 this was the walk to the car at 8am sunday july 10th 2011
feeling sorry for making them do it but the elevator was too slow up 5 flights we walk 
in pain and started my antibiotics 
racing around the halls... even the nurses were saying "just watching you is making me tired !" LOL 
 drinking and snacking
 Helping me sway in the shower 
the support of my husband was greatly appreciated (and of coarse him and amanda took turns pouring hot water on my belly)
Amanda (my doula) gives me a 2 hrs long foot and calf rub with coconut oil 
pa offers a hand in support during contractions 
being weightless helped with pain while he swayed back and forth....but not for long :/ 
 pulling him down and swaying while Amanda did hip squeezes and lower back pressure with the doula ball :p
 eekk !!
in serious pain... nothing ive ever felt before, not even while in labor with evey, something is different and i cry as i panic and feel the need to look into pain relief options 
 after talking and alot of doula /midwife stalling (which im thankful for ) we opted for an iv drug to 'take the edge off'... HAHA... an hr an a half wore off..and im still at 5 1/2 cm !!!!! aaagh.. an a few hrs prior i started experiencing a sharp pinching pain on the right side of my uterus :*(
night time approaching and still 4 hrs later NO get and exhausted and PIST ,, emotional and want out...GIVE ME A C SEC! i demanded .... still! no progress .. we talk about "eviction help' options.. contractions are still weak and im still not progressing.. we wait it out before i allow 2 pt of pitocin at time and wait to see if it gives her the push she needs 

 Amanda offering her support
 Along with one of the amazing midwives
The man taking photos of himself...sheer exhaustion 
2 pt at a time and evey 2 1/2 to 3 hrs i would slowly but surely dilate... its now 6 am on monday july 11th 2011.. and im feeling intense pressure
pa offers his hand and i roll to my side...hold my leg...and being to push...she was out in under 2 mn.....what was her hold up?..... A SHORT CORD THAT WAS TIGHTLY WRAPPED AROUND HER NECK.....grr. Thankfully lenny was able to guide luna's head out as she entered into the world.

 & a blood and phlem filled belly :/ but that didnt stop her from nursing right away.. lenny helped catch his luna, and cut her cord what an experience ♥
New born Luna
 7lbs 1.oz

 me and my amazing doula ♥..
 sharing a special moment with 2 wonderful people

Daddy & Luna
 in her first rumparooz cloth
 prefold bum

 Mommy & luna

Before we know it its time to go home. I'm missing my belly already :(
After all is said & done, and the belly goes down, i can look back & read all of the wonderful
comments such dear friends left me 

congrats to Holly Paz on the VBAC birth of her third daughter! :-)

Oh! Wonderful! Happy babymoon to you and your family Holly and congrats on your VBAC!!! I knew you would be fabulous!

Congratulations to Holly Paz on the triumphant VBAC of her third beautiful baby girl! Welcome to the world, Luna!

Congratulations Holly Paz and Lenny Paz on the arrival of your precious new baby girl!!! ♥

Congrats to Holly Paz! On her VBAC baby Luna .. SOOO excited for you Holly.. :) I knew you could do it!!!

Ive been waiting for one of you mamas to have these lil one, beautiful & congrats ♥ what a wonderful addition !!

Congrat to Holly Paz on the VBAC birth of her child! Way to go mama!

Finally after Nearly 24 Hours of Labor.. Luna Marielle Paz was Born!! I Actually got to Catch My Daughter and Cut the Cord.. I Love My Wife ( Holly Paz ) for Being So Strong and Giving me Another Beautiful Baby!! Any Wanting to Visit Please Contact me or My Wife 1st.. It's Been a Long Day..

Yay! Holly! Congrats mama ♥

Omg! I am SO happy for you guys! She is precious! Love to you all!

Congrats babe my little cuzzy is a doll!!!

♥ Congratulations ♥

HOLLY !!! congrats to you & your family -- hope you're doing well & feeling okay ♥ xo

Oh my goodness, how did I miss the huge news. Congratulations Holly and Fam! Enjoy the babymoon, birth goddess!!!
Big congratulations to Holly Paz on the VBAC of little Luna Marielle! What a beautiful name for a darling daughter. Way to go momma!


Congrats on the baby love!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Congratulations Holly!! She's beautiful!!

Congradulations holly three beautiful girls thank god they look like there mother lol :)

Congrats girl!

Congrats, Holly. No more sexy belly.....

Congrats! Did you go all natural?? Lol 3 beautiful girls!

Such a big belly for such a little baby girl. She's gonna miss her mansion but welcome, Luna! ♥

Congrats! She's beautiful ♥. Have a wonderful babymoon!!!

Yay congrats Holly!!!!! She is adorable!!!!

holly, baby number 3 is incredibly adorable.. just like her big sisters! when you're recouped, i wanna take a visit and see this precious girl!

Wahoo! Congrats on the newest little one!! ♥

Yyyyyyyyyaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *calms emotions then screams* okay that is all :) I'm so happy for you...!!! Cooliest pregnant lady ever right here!

I turn my head for one moment, and Holly Paz pops out one of the most beautiful (already smiling) adorable babies ever with an empowered VBAC! Congratulations on Luna Marielle, born at 6:28 AM on 7/11/2011! Congratulations on your VBAC

Congratulations, Love! Welcome Earthside, little one!

Congratulations on your lil princess!

Congratulations to the Paz family - One and All!!! Welcome to Luna Marielle...

Yay! I SO knew you would have her on my birthday! :D Congratulations!!!

Congrats on the new edition :-) !!!! She's. Absolutley. GoRgeous and her name luna omg! I take a taxi called luna taxi lovbe it gonna take a pic and tagg you in!! Love you guys! And hope ur recovering well u got this down path! Xoxo's


Sooooo, little mad about this baby. Just means we won't be able to talk about blair as much :/ guess ill accept for now until she's omri's age...haahhaa..congrats!!! :) ♥

Congrats mama she's so cute

Congratulations ♥ so beautiful xoxo

whats her name Congrats!!!!!! ♥ ya and the fam

Congrats Holly!!!!

Congratulations Holly! Your baby is so beautiful!

She's AD0RABLE Holly, C0NGRATS again! You have such a BEAUTiFUL fam, u r truly blessed!!!

Gee whiz, Holly Paz sure knows how to make babies! :O Luna is like an ethereal being we are graced to see! LOL Seriously! Thanks so much for sharing the newborn photos!

congrats on another beautiful addition to your lovely family! Luna is stunning just like her sisters ♥


Omg!!! You had your baby!!! I missed it and I was thinking about u! Congratulations on such a beautiful baby ♥

Congratulations on the baby aunty Holly


Awwwahh so happy for you hooolly, cant wait to see her..

Holly your baby girl is beatiful!!! 3 gorgeous girls you have !! xo

ICAN Congrats Holly!

Beautiful Birth This is real sweet Holly! :-)

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